Embrace Uganda – Save a Child 2017

Dr. Dirk and Paige Hamp, with others, founded Embrace Uganda in 2007 after their adoption of a seven-year-old orphan girl from the western village of Kaihura, Uganda. Visiting the country and witnessing the need for medical care, clean water supplies and funding needs for orphaned school children, Embrace Uganda was created to encourage and empower a generation of orphans one village at a time!


My brother the traveler

AF-14 Trip to the heart of Africa
(Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Congo (DRC), Congo(RC),Angola)
Date of travel: Jun 8 – Jun 28, 2014

In the evening on Jun 8, 2014 I am taking a plane from Prague, Czech Republic, to Frankfurt, Germany. Here I board an Ethiopian Airlines plane for a 6+ hour flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where early in the morning on Jun 9. In mid morning flight to Kigali in Rwanda with touch down in Entebbe, Uganda. I am traveling by myself.
My arranged driver/guide with a safari car piks me up at the airport. Next day morning visit to “Kigali Genocide Memorial” and then drive to Lake Kivu and a 1.5 hour visit to Goma in DRC (Democratic Republic Congo).
After 2 days in Rwanda, on Jun 11, I and my guide drive across the border to Uganda, where 8 days visiting Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elizabeth Nat. Park, Kibale, Murchison Falls, Paraa Safari Lodge, taking a boat ride on Nile and seeing Karuma Falls and cities Kampala and Entebbe. On Jun 19 I fly to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and stay overnight in a hotel.
On Jun 20 flight from Addis Ababa to Kinshasa, DRC. I am met by a local guide with a car and a driver. Following day is sightseeing tour of Kinshasa. I am surprised by its wide boulevards. Next day a car trip outside Kinshasa to “Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary” and “Serpents du Congo” a collection of snakes.
On Jun 23 I take a small boat across the wide and powerful Congo River from Kinshasa, DRC, to Brazzaville, RC (Republic of Congo). There is a lady guide with me, but she knows very little English. Following day is sightseeing of Brazzaville. In the evening flight from Brazzaville, RC, to Luanda, Angola.
The plane lands in Luanda late at night. An arranged driver takes me to my hotel. In the morning and early afternoon sightseeing of Luanda. My guide is a young Canadian lady born in Switzerland, married to a Portuguese and living in Angola. Next day a trip to Kwanza River some 80 km south of Luanda.
On Jun 27 I take a plane from Luanda, Angola, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After a night in a hotel in Addis I fly to Frankfurt, Germany and then Prague, Czech Republic on Jun 28.

Travel office:  I arranged the trip myself.
Who took part:  I traveled alone.


Charlotte Beauvoisin – Diary of a Muzungu

Diary of a Muzungu has been awarded Best Tourism Digital Media in Uganda’s inaugural Tourism Excellence Awards. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!
For information on the awards event and other winners, please read Wolfgang Thome’s blog.

Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda travel blog documents my love affair with Uganda, from my days as a VSO volunteer on safari and working in conservation, to: walking my recycled street dogs through the slums of Kampala, birdwatching, gorilla trekking and lots of fascinating cultural tourism activities, in Uganda and further afield in East Africa.

Next stop – Kenya! Although still based in Kampala, I’m planning lots of new content all about Kenya, after spending a fortnight as a member of the media team for the Africa Travel Association and Magical Kenya, the Kenya Tourism Board.


Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park

Nestled in the wild frontier region of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is apparently the most isolated national park in Uganda but still stands out to be one of the best virgin places every wildlife viewer can ever visit in Uganda. This virgin national park is undoubtedly among the best wilderness areas in Africa, harboring a couple of extinct species of wildlife that can’t be found in any other Ugandan national park. Kidepo is right at the core of a Savannah landscape right next to a few mountainous bodies. The reasons for planning your safari here are endless, something you will definitely see when you set foot on Uganda’s soil. Details..

Tooro Kingdom Palace

Courtesy of mountains of the moon Hotel

Toro is one of the four traditional kingdoms located within the borders of Uganda. The current Omukama of Toro is King Rukidi IV.It was founded in 1830 when Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I, the eldest son of Omukama of Bunyoro Nyamutukura Kyebambe III of Bunyoro, seceded and established his own independent kingdom. Absorbed into Bunyoro-Kitara in 1876, it reasserted its independence in 1891.
As with Buganda, Bunyoro, and Busoga, Toros monarchy was abolished in 1967 by the Government of Uganda, but was reinstated in 1993.

Snow Capped Mountain Rwenzori

Courtesy of Mountain of the moon hotel

Although as part of the East African Rift Valley system, unlike other high mountains such as Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, those here are not volcanic.
The landscape of Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda is a dense canopy of varying shades of green, and its textures make it resemble an enormous, leafy quilt.The giant Lobeliaand groundsels shade the pink and green giant earthworms, some of which can reach 45 cm (18 in) in length. The varied bird life, including the conspicuous regal, purple-breasted sunbirds, handsome francolins, olive pigeons and Rwenzori turacos creates a delicious cacophony from above.
Visitors can also view animals like chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, elephants, bushbuck, giant forest hogs, hyraxes and leopards. You will not regret taking a trip to this African paradise, Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda.

When To Go To Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
July and August, December to February for hiking in the dry season, although Alpine birds move to the lower elevations during the wetter months.

What To See In Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
Luscious forest filled with a variety of trees, flowers, birds and small mammals.

Where Is Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
25 km (16 mi) from Kasese.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda Also Known As?
Rain maker

What Is To Do In Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda?
Mountaineers and trekkers of all abilities will enjoy a visit to the park